Leading change from the inside out

We believe that real transformation begins with each of us individually and that every individual has the power to lead and inspire change. We are more powerful when we take collaborative action and we are ready to co-create a world that works for us all.

A new story

We see a new world and a new story developing around us. We see it in people choosing careers based on purpose, establishing sustainable businesses and embracing new ways of working and organizing. We see it in the shift towards more conscious and authentic leadership, self-organisation and more collaborative approaches to addressing our complex global challenges.

What we do

Through our services and community, we support more authentic and conscious ways of working, collaborating and leading. We empower people, teams and organisations to lead change from the inside out.

Program Design

We specialize in designing personal, leadership and team development programs which guide groups on a journey of insight, reflection and action.


We offer workshops on a range of topics around leadership and self-organisation, aimed at individuals and teams. Our highly interactive sessions bring together theory and practice, with a focus on experiential learning.

Organisational Development

Tailored, holistic solutions to support your organisation’s needs, including leadership development, team capacity building, supporting agile working methods & self-organised structures, and creating inspired & innovative work environments.


We guide small groups on journeys of personal growth, leadership development and team capacity building. We create experiential & reflective learning environments to guide individual & group processes from the inside out.


A holistic approach

In times of rapid transformation, complexity and uncertainty, it is more crucial than ever to develop and be guided by inner clarity. Often when we talk about change we focus on the visible: rules, structures, behaviour, while ignoring the role of the intangible: mindset, values & culture. Each of these dimensions plays a significant and highly interrelated role. We offer a holistic approach which addresses and works with all four dimensions as a whole.


Upcoming workshop: From inspiration to impact

Join us on the of 30th August (18:30-20:30) for a two-hour workshop diving into your sources of inspiration as a foundation for taking action and creating meaningful impact. We believe in the power of people to lead and inspire change. We are ready to co-create innovative, sustainable solutions to our current global challenges. Yet we […]

Kommende Webinare: Zusammenarbeiten im Team & Im Team entscheiden

In Zusammenarbeit mit dem Haus des Stiftens, bieten wir am 16. Juli und 23. Juli (11:00-12:00) zwei Webinare zu zwei unserer Kernthemen an. Das Angebot richtet sich an Organisationen und Teams mit Interesse an Selbstorganisation und den Aufbau unterstützender, stärkender und gesunder Teamstrukturen und Teamkultur. 16. Juli: Zusammenarbeiten im Team Ein gesundes, flexibles und starkes […]

FinTech meets Sustainability

We are thrilled to have Andry Huzain in Bonn! Andry is the Co-Founder and COO of TunaiKita, a peer2peer lending platform in Indonesia. The mission of TunaiKita is to help Indonesia’s underserved consumers experience better living through responsible credit.  In a little over two years, TunaiKita has grown rapidly by helping the underserved to gain […]

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Powerful questions and the magic of reflecting – or, what happens when 20 changemakers head into the unknown

By Emily Johnston, co-founder of Unity Effect. We sat on the bus, rolling out of Barcelona, headed to… well, actually we didn’t know where. This is the mysterious appeal of a ChangemakerXchange summit, an off-shoot of Ashoka, the biggest network for social entrepreneurs worldwide. Asking yourself what happens at a ChangemakerXchange summit? Well, we were […]

Why starting a social start-up is a crash course in leadership

By Emily Johnston, co-founder of Unity Effect. When it comes to starting a social impact project or business, most people start out with an idea for solving a problem or creating a positive impact. Most likely you deeply care about your cause and are driven by your belief in your idea. You take one step […]

One year of self-organization, or how many walking meetings were needed

By Paulina Andrade, communications & branding coordinator from Unity Effect. Santiago de Chile, any given morning around three years ago. The bus did not come on time and it is just impossible to board on the subway, as the trains are coming one after the other at their full capacity (and beyond!). And, as usual, […]

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