As the future generation of leaders, we are told over and over that we are the ones who will have to solve the world’s problems. That in the future, we will be the ones to take responsibility for the complex social, environmental and economic challenges we are currently facing.

At Unity Effect we believe that the future is already here. And we are ready to step up and take responsibility.

What’s more, we believe that we already have everything we need to change the world. There’s no shortage of innovative ideas and abundant resources to make them happen. But we need a new approach to leadership. We need leaders who are curious, courageous and ready to do things differently. Who have the skills and capacities needed to navigate the ever increasing uncertainty and complexity of our times.

Our mission is to create the conditions for conscious social innovation to happen, working from the inside out. We support social innovators, conscious entrepreneurs and brave change makers to step up and start co-creating our future.


Our Projects

Conscious Social Innovation Program



In 2018 Unity Effect will partner with Conscious Business to offer the Conscious Social Innovation Program.


Tannenbusch House



A co-creative space and international culture center in Bonn, Germany.



We Listen Movement



Unity Effect is partnering with ListeningALCHEMY to kick-start a movement of listening.



Think Tank


We need to put our brains together to find creative and innovative solutions to the complex challenges we face. For this purpose we will set up a Think Tank to support the change & innovation process in Bonn.