Leading change from the inside out

We believe that real transformation begins with each of us individually and that every individual has the power to lead and inspire change. We are more powerful when we take collaborative action and we are ready to co-create a world that works for us all.

A new story

We see a new world and a new story developing around us. We see it in people choosing careers based on purpose, establishing sustainable businesses and embracing new ways of working and organizing. We see it in the shift towards more conscious and authentic leadership, self-organisation and more collaborative approaches to addressing our complex global challenges.

What we do

Through our services and community, we support more authentic and conscious ways of working, collaborating and leading. We empower people to lead change from the inside out.


Interactive, experiential workshops on topics including agile & collaborative teams, purpose-driven leadership, deep listening and more.

Organisational Development – Companies

Tailored, holistic solutions to support your organisation’s needs, including leadership development, team capacity building, supporting agile working methods & self-organised structures, and creating inspired & innovative work environments.

Programs – Individuals

We specialise in personal & leadership capacity building programs for small groups & teams. We create experiential & reflective learning environments and guide individual & group processes from the inside out.


A holistic approach

In times of rapid transformation, complexity and uncertainty, it is more crucial than ever to develop and be guided by inner clarity. Often when we talk about change we focus on the visible: rules, structures, behaviour, while ignoring the role of the intangible: mindset, values & culture. Each of these dimensions plays a significant and highly interrelated role. We offer a holistic approach which addresses and works with all four dimensions as a whole.


A new journey has begun

In October, we started a new round of the Changemaker Journey, our 10 week personal & leadership development program. During this time, we are greeting 9 changemakers from different countries and walks of life. “How can we not just passively experience change but actively shape it?” This question is at the core of the new […]

New Work Journey: Die Zukunft der Arbeit gemeinsam gestalten

Diesen September starten Unity Effect und Kompano  die New Work Journey. In 6 interaktiven Sessions werden wir uns mit den zentralen Herausforderungen unserer Zeit auseinandersetzen und konkrete Prototypen entwickeln. Zur Registrierung Otto Scharmer hat mit der Theory U eine Methode entwickelt, mit der gewünschte Veränderungen bei dem Einzelnen, in sozialen Systemen und in der Gesellschaft gelingen können. […]

Join our free online workshop: “From inspiration to impact”

In October, we started a new round of the Changemaker Journey, our 10 week personal & leadership development program. During this time, we are greeting 9 changemakers from different countries and walks of life. Are you a social entrepreneur, intrapreneur, student, volunteer or young leader who is passionate about making a difference? As young people […]

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Sustainable business: why the sustainability of your project starts with you

By Emily Johnston, co-founder and co-CEO from Unity Effect These days, many of us consider ‘start-up founder’ or ‘social entrepreneur’ to be a pretty sweet job title. One that we tend to glorify in association with some kind of working-all-hours-from-home-caffeine-fuelled-sacrifice-my-social-life-for-my-world-changing-ideal lifestyle and a golden ticket into a high adrenaline world of pitches, investors, hackathons and […]

Listening to a moment can help the person speak change

By Franziska Kohn *Note: This text was written in the context of her participation at the Beyond Storytelling Conference 2018, and it was originally published on the Beyond Storytelling Harvest 2018 Blog. Here, Franzi remind us about something very essential: “the dynamic between re-membering, telling and listening and how this can lead to change. In […]

5 (inner) capacities for changemakers

5 (inner) capacities for changemakers By Emily Johnston, co-founder and co-CEO from Unity Effect. Motivated to make a difference? You might not think of yourself as a changemaker, but many of us are already engaged in projects and initiatives which aim to have a positive impact, or maybe we’ve thought about starting one. Changing the […]

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