Purpose Journey

Leading Change from the Inside Out

The Purpose Journey is for those who wish to (re)connect with their purpose, values and their sources of inspiration. In times of rapid transformation it is more crucial than ever to develop and nurture inner clarity. To be capable as leaders to create environments of trust, to be able to navigate uncertainty and build resilience in ourselves and others. The Journey empowers us to develop the inner capacities we need to co-create change as the next generation of authentic leaders and innovators. It is a special 6 week version of our personal & leadership development program focusing on purpose.

The Purpose Journey is a 6 week online program with small groups of up to 12 journey participants, facilitated by our Journey Guides.

It brings together cutting edge frameworks & practice from systems thinking, Theory U, complexity science, character development, design thinking, storytelling, the Teal movement, collective leadership & more.

Through our workshops and reflection sessions we create supportive group environments where we provide interactive, reflective & experiential learning that goes beyond a typical online course. We focus on providing practical tools & methods which you can apply into your life and projects, to support you on your way along  and with your purpose.


Ready to begin your journey?

We currently do not have dates set for an upcoming Purpose Journey, yet we would love you to register your interest so we can match the Journey to your needs. Join us on a journey!

What’s involved?

6 Weeks

Weekly online reflection sessions

Workbook with exercises, resources & tools

Peer mentors

Journey Guides and 12 Changemakers

Over the 6 weeks, you will need to invest at least 3-4 hours a week into your Journey. This includes:

  • Weekly online sessions. These are in a 2 hour workshop format, with a focus on group reflection & experiences, facilitated by the Journey Guides. The sessions take place on Zoom.
  • Additional time for peer mentoring sessions, journalling & other individual exercises as part of your Journey Workbook.

The journey path

The Journey

The flow of six weeks builds on our belief that if we want to create real change towards a more sustainable, equitable and thriving future, we need to shift our understanding of what’s important to us and act on it. For this to work we have to start with ourselves and get clear about what really matters to us, then team up with others who share our values, and then go out and starting taking action, reflecting and iterating.

Where does the journey lead?

The Purpose Journey aims to empower authentic leaders who:

  • have high levels of awareness of themselves & how they relate to and impact others and their environments
  • have inner clarity about their personal values and integrity
  • have the ability to develop and build habits and environments that support themselves and others
  • are resilient and able to take action in uncertain or challenging situations
  • are willing to look inside and create change from the inside out



Who is it for?

This program is aimed at social entrepreneurs, students, leaders and everyone who is ready to dive into a journey of personal development and purposeful discovery.

In a nutshell

What's Included?

Weekly 2 hour online sessions

Peer mentoring sessions

Workbook with additional content, resources & tools




Company funded – 520 EUR

Individual / Non-Profit – 340 EUR

Student / Social Entrepreneur - 180 EUR

*We want everybody who is excited about the program to be able to participate. Our three tier pricing structure reflects this, yet if price is still an obstacle to you, please contact us .

What our participants say

‘What I learned most out of the Unity Effect journey is this extraordinary beauty of reflecting myself in different situations in my personal life and also in my working life. We talked about and experienced listening, resilience, intuition and then always asked ourselves: How do I encounter this topics? How do others do it? This really gifted me so that I developed myself and matured a lot during this journey.’

Noemi Call Changemaker Journey Participant

‘The greatest experience for me was to reflect with others about the process and get to know how others tackle things and finally give it a frame to talk about those important things.’

Isabelle Acker Changemaker Journey Participant

‘10 weeks of a Journey. 10 weeks of inspiring input and profound reflection which are a time for intensive personal development and redirection. We found our way back to our personal values, navigated into the unknown and wandered in the wide space of integrity. For me personally the Journey was more than a personal enrichment in all the aspects that I already mentioned. It was a support in my current life and in challenges of my project.’

Priska Lang Changemaker Journey Participant

“The Changemaker Journey has been for me ten weeks of inspiring workshops, warm-hearted community and a good balance of theory and practice. But mainly it has been a great opportunity to work on the question ‘What do I want to bring to the world?’

Jonathan Hoenninger Changemaker Journey Participant