Leadership Journey

Are you ready to develop your unique leadership potential?

Leadership is changing. It’s no longer about command and control or managing, and it’s not about having all the answers. Figuring out how to lead differently is not easy, especially when people still expect an old style of leadership. And it’s even harder when you don’t know yet what the new style of leadership looks like or who you are as a leader.

The good news is you’re not alone! Join a group of like-minded leaders on a Journey to discover and develop your unique leadership potential. Gain skills and tools to build motivated, collaborative and effective teams. Lead with purpose, create real impact.




Who is it for?

The Leadership Journey is for anyone who wants to grow their skills and capacities as a leaders, regardless of whether you are working in an official leadership position.

We offer Leadership Journeys for individuals and organisations. To find out more about a program for your organisation, contact info@unityeffect.net


What's Included?

Weekly 2 hour online workshops

Peer mentoring sessions

Workbook with additional content, resources & tools

Optional certificate of completion





Approximately 3-5 hours a week:

  • 2 hours workshop
  • 1 hour peer coaching
  • Additional time for implementation and reflection exercises


The Leadership Journey provided me with a framework, tools, and space to better understand my role in, and navigate a world and society that is becoming more complex than we can comprehend. I feel that I have gained immense confidence in my ability to work with people and create positive change by empowering others. I have gained solid footing, resources and inspiration for the challenging times ahead.

Ingrid Kantarova, Journey Participant

How can I...

develop my strengths as a leader?

motivate and empower my team?

deal with others’ expectations of me?

communicate effectively in conflict and feedback situations?

set priorities and make decisions on a personal, team and strategic level?

be more effective in reaching my goals and vision?

The Journey

The Leadership Journey is a 12 week facilitated online program limited for a group of up to 12 participants. Over 12 weeks we meet once a week for a 2 hour online workshop with the group, which takes place via Zoom. Our Journey Guides facilitate the workshops with a focus on experiential learning, reflection and sharing practical methods and tools. Our workshop-sessions are highly interactive – this is definitely not your typical online course!

Between the workshops there are peer-coaching sessions, as well as individual exercises and journaling to dive deeper into the weekly themes. You will also receive a workbook with practical tools and methods to apply to your team.

We offer Leadership Journeys for individuals and organisations. To find out more about a program for your organisation, contact info@unityeffect.net

The Leadership Journey Modules

Where does the Journey lead?

Learn and practice skills and tools to:

  • Discover your values, purpose & strengths as a leader
  • Build team cultures of trust, collaboration and empowerment
  • Empower and inspire others to step into their potential
  • Set boundaries, give engaged feedback and deal with conflicts and challenges
  • Think in systems and navigate complexity and uncertainty
  • Set priorities and make personal, collective and strategic decisions

Join our next journey

Whether you are already in a leadership role or growing into one, we invite you to embark on a Journey of reflection, growth and action.

Our next Leadership Journey is starting in February 2021.

If you would like to apply, please reach out via info@unityeffect.net and we will let you know once applications have opened.


Corporate / company funded – 1340 EUR

Individual / non-profit – 960 EUR


Optional certificate of completion - 60 EUR**

* We offer different price levels to enable people from different backgrounds to be able to join the Journey. We don’t want price to be a barrier and therefore we offer limited number of reduced rate scholarships for each Journey, with the final price agreed on together with you. To apply for a scholarship, please select this option in the application form.

**The Leadership Journey has been certified by the Institute for Education and Social Innovation (Ibugi). We are able to issue two kinds of certificates of successful completion, a Further Education Certificate for the professional context and a Higher Education Certificate for the academic context (3 ECTS points).

All of our prices include 16% VAT.

Prices stated are for individual participants. To find out about prices for a program for your organisation, contact info@unityeffect.net

Our Trainers


Emily Johnston


Jannik Kaiser


Franziska Kohn