Leadership Journey

A 12 week journey into collaborative and purposeful leadership: tapping into our potential.

What does leadership mean to you and how do you see yourself as a leader?

What does leadership mean to you and how do you see yourself as a leader?

The way we understand leadership is changing. These days, leadership is less about our job title or official position, and more about the role we embody. Leadership comes in all shapes and sizes and varies as much as we do as individuals, because who we are is how we lead. One thing’s for sure: leadership is no longer about command and control, or about having all the answers. For us, good leadership means knowing ourselves and knowing when to lead and when to follow. It’s about creating cultures which support and empower others to step up, and which tap into the collective power and creativity in the team. And it’s about navigating complexity, uncertainty and conflict using our values and integrity as a guide.

Of course, looking at leadership in this way can bring new challenges and questions. How do I deal with other’s expectations of me as a leader? How can I embrace my leadership role and the power that lies in it, and at the same time find ways to empower others to step up? And what do I need to let go of for this to happen?

Join us on a Journey to explore these questions and practical tools.

Whether you are already in a leadership role or growing into one, we invite you to embark on a Journey of reflection, growth and action. To build your capacities as an authentic and purposeful leader, and to learn tools and methods to support and empower your team.

The journey path

The Journey

The Journey is limited for a group of up to 12 participants. Over 12 weeks we meet once a week for a 2 hour online workshop with the group, which takes place via Zoom. Our Journey Guides facilitate the workshops with a focus on experiential learning, reflection and sharing practical methods and tools. Our workshop-sessions are highly interactive - this is definitely not your typical online course!

Between the workshops there are peer-coaching sessions, as well as individual exercises and journaling to dive deeper into the weekly themes. You will also receive a workbook with practical tools and methods to apply to your team.

The Journey towards growing yourself as a leader is personal, yet there is a huge power in exploring this together in a small group where we can support and learn from one another. The Journey guides facilitate and guide the process, yet much of the magic happens in the exchange in the group and the peer-coaching sessions.

What’s involved?

12 Weeks

Weekly online reflection sessions

Workbook with exercises, resources & tools

Peer mentors

Journey Guides and 12 Changemakers

Over the 12 weeks, you will need to invest at least 4 hours a week into your Journey. This includes:

  • Weekly online sessions. These are in a 2 hour workshop format, with a focus on group reflection & experiences, facilitated by the Journey Guides. The sessions take place online on Zoom.
  • Additional time for peer mentoring sessions, journalling & other exercises as part of your Journey Workbook.
  • Some weeks may need additional time to implement tools and methods into your team.

Where does the journey lead?

The Leadership Journey aims to empower authentic leaders who:

  • Have inner clarity about their personal values and inspiration
  • Have the ability to create a team culture of trust, empathy, creativity and appreciation
  • Have the ability to empower others and support them to grow into their potential
  • Have tools for empowering decision-making processes and navigating teamwork
  • Are able to set boundaries, give engaged feedback and deal with conflicts
  • Have an understanding of systems thinking, leading in complexity and working with emergence
  • Are able to embody a higher purpose and inspire others



Who is it for?

The Leadership Journey is aimed at change agents and leaders of social enterprises, changemakers of all ages and anyone who is ready to grow their capacities as collaborative and purposeful leaders, regardless of their job title.

In a nutshell

What's Included?

Weekly 2 hour online workshops

Peer mentoring sessions

Workbook with additional content, resources & tools




Self-funded   820,-

Corporate / company funded 1150,-

Scholarship place

*We offer a limited number of partly-funded scholarship places for each Journey. If you would like to find out more about this, or about other payment options that would enable you to join, email us via info(at)unityeffect.net


Ready to begin your journey?

We do not currently have dates set for the next Leadership Journey.

If you are curious to join an upcoming Journey, please register your interest so that we can let you know when the next Journey is starting. In the form you can also tell us your availability and when you'd like to start, so that we can do our best to match your needs. We will start a Journey when we have a minimum of 8 participants.