Join us on a Journey of insight, reflection and action.

Our Journeys

Changemaker Journey

A 10 week personal & leadership development program focused on developing inner capacities & clarity to catalyze change.


Purpose Journey

A 6 week deep dive into your purpose, values & sources of inspiration, for anyone seeking inner clarity & (re)orientation in their life & work.


Team Journey

A 6 month program designed to support and guide teams in their process of becoming purpose driven and self-organized.


Leadership Journey

A 12 week journey into collaborative and purposeful leadership: tapping into our potential.


Personal, Team & Leadership development from the inside out

Our Journeys are experiential-based programs for small groups of individuals or teams, facilitated by our Journey Guides.

They bring together cutting edge frameworks & practices from systems thinking, Theory U, self-organization & agility, complexity science, character development, design thinking, storytelling, the Teal movement, collective leadership & more.

Our Journeys offer a combination of interactive workshops, individual/team exercises, reflections and peer coaching, with a focus on action learning. Through our workshops we create supportive online and offline environments for groups, providing the opportunity for peer-to-peer learning and support.  We focus on providing practical tools & methods which you can apply into your life, projects & team, to support you in what you’re already doing.

Upcoming Journeys

Are you interested in joining an upcoming Changemaker Journey, Purpose Journey, Team Journey or Leadership Journey? You can register your interest here and we'll let you know when the next journeys are starting.