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We are passionate about catalyzing and empowering deliberate action for meaningful change.

At the core of everything we do is our purpose of catalyzing & leading change from the inside out.

We are an international and for-purpose organization based in Bonn, Germany.  We believe in the power of every individual to lead and inspire change. We passionately support more authentic and conscious ways of working, collaborating and leading.

Our invitation is to rethink the way we work together, the way we organise ourselves and the way we lead. Not just because we can have more impact, stay agile and create more sustainable solutions, but also because we have the opportunity to bring more humanness into the equation - to create cultures of trust, appreciation and creativity in our workplaces; to do work which lights us up and nurtures rather than drains us; to lead and act from, and for, the collective; and to relate to each other in more authentic ways. Sound idealistic? Maybe we are, but why not be?

Our own journey has led us to build our organisational structures and culture guided by the principles of the Teal movement: purpose-oriented and trust-based self-organisation. We stand for sustainable, innovative and caring solutions which support social transformation. The foundations of our organizational culture, partnerships and services are built on the values of  trust, purpose, integrity and transparency.

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Our purpose is to lead and inspire change from the inside out. We believe that inner shifts create outer transformation, that every individual has the power to lead and co-create social transformation, and that we’re more powerful when we work together.  


Our vision is to catalyze positive impact through more meaningful and conscious ways of being, working, collaborating and leading. In this way we want to actively shape and support a social shift: from fear to trust, from an ego awareness to an eco awareness, from scarcity to abundance, from competition to co-creation, from separation to connectedness.

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