We are passionate about creating meaningful experiences and sharing tools, methods and exercises which support you and your team in your daily life and work.   

Tailored Workshops

We offer workshops on a range of topics around leadership and self-organisation, aimed at individuals and teams. Our highly interactive sessions bring together theory and practice, with a focus on experiential learning. No matter the theme or amount of time, we will take you on a journey of insight, reflection and action.

Do you have a particular topic or skill you’d like to learn about or dive deeper into? We can tailor a workshop to suit the needs of your team, organisation or institution. We offer workshops in English, German and Spanish.

The length of a workshop can range from 1.5 hours to a full day. For multi-day workshops, please see our section on program design, where we offer tailored programs and seminars.

Not quite sure what would best suit your needs? Please contact us for a free consultation.



Our Core Topics

For teams and organisations

Communication, listening & feedback

Building team cultures of trust & innovation

Self-organisation in practice: tools & methods for organising work

Building self-organised structures for teams & organisations

Empowered decision-making & collective intelligence

Creating shared purpose, vision & values

Tools for reflecting, learning & innovating

Collaborative & context-based leadership

Leading in complexity

For Individuals

Personal purpose & values

From inspiration to creating impact

Building resilience

Past workshops

Leading Change from the Inside Out: Inner Shifts for Outer Transformation

In our experiential workshop we will embark on a journey and connect to our individual purpose & excitement as a foundation to build strong teams and to drive transformation. For this, we will use tools from storytelling & deep listening that help us to make sense of transformation and discover the supportive conditions within ourselves and our team to make it happen.

Previous Locations and Events 

8th International Conference on Sustainability and Responsibility (Cologne, November 2018)

5th Responsible Management Education Conference (Cologne, November 2018)

Building Self-Organised Team Structures

We all have experience with teamwork. Whether in a large organization or for your own projects and ideas; whether a small local team or spread across different continents: success largely depends on how we work together. Yet many of us are not aware of how to actively build team structures that are both efficient, supportive and responsive to the needs of individual team members. In our interactive workshop, we will introduce practical methods and approaches to building self-organised structures and culture. This includes:

  • Introducing concepts and tools of agility and self-organisation
  • Applying different decision making processes
  • Creating a team culture based on trust and creativity

The focus here is on getting to know methods and concepts in practice, which can then be integrated into everyday working life.

Previous Locations and Events 

CENTIM - Centre for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Middle-sized Companies (Bonn, November 2018)

Inspiring Impact: from inspiration to action

As young people we care about the world around us and we want to have purposeful jobs & lives. Even if you don’t think of yourself as a changemaker, you have an impact on the world around you every day, whether or not you are conscious of it. So the question is: what impact do you want to make and how?

Join us for a experiential workshop to start diving into these questions. We will embark on a journey to connect to our individual purpose & excitement as a foundation for creating meaningful impact.


Previous Locations and Events 

Social Impact Lab Bonn (September 2018)

BonnLab (September 2018)

Impact Hub Ruhr (Essen, July 2018)