To respond to and solve current global challenges not only requires a new kind of thinking, but also a new way of acting and embodying leadership. Building a thriving community where people feel trusted and encouraged to co-create, starting your own entrepreneurial endevour or transforming your established organization – all this requires capacities that you can not find in a 101 handbook for managers.

As the ones shaping the world of tomorrow we act in uncertainty, and often times in an environment that is dominated by insecurities and fear. How can we prepare ourselves to build organizations & communities in such a context? What do we have to know and embody to inspire the world around us?

To our understanding, these are some characteristics of transformational leaders. They:

  • understand root causes of behaviour and patterns, and act based on empathy to support people to find their own solutions
  • have courage and assume full responsibility
  • learn to lead adaptively in environments with trust issues, political sensitivities, resistance, conflict and distress
  • support without entangelement: a great capacity for being fully present and engaged with whatever is going on without getting emotionally caught up in feelings and frustrations
  • learn to tap into the energy of what is unfolding—to peer deep into the present situation or circumstance and sense or intuit the signals and messages that can show what wants to happen in the bigger picture
  • possess awareness of what is happening around us as well as within us, and awareness of the personal presence we are bringing to the moment
  • Meet whatever comes from a place of clarity, trust, and confidence