We need to put our brains together to find creative and innovative solutions to the complex challenges we face. For this purpose we will set up a Think Tank to support the change & innovation process in Bonn.

The intention behind the Think Tank is to share thoughts, plans and projects for a better future, to then receive collective feedback and support to make them happen. We also want to create synergies between institutions and people who are already working in this area, and a support network for those who are just about to start.

The core principles of our Think Tank are:

  • Strong belief that we can shape our future sustainably and responsibly
  • Mutual recognition and appreciation & providing space for others to share their ideas.
  • Creating win-win situations and relationships where we inspire each other to take action for our future

If you are interested in joining the Think Tank, we would be very happy to hear from you. Please send us an email answering the following questions as specifically as you can:

  • What would you expect from such a Think Tank?
  • What can you contribute?

Email to: info@unityeffect.net