Team Journey

Empowering purpose-driven and self-organised teams

Team Journey

A healthy, adaptable team is at the core of any great initiative. Yet it can also be also be a challenge for teams to organize themselves in a way that that balances between stability and flexibility, and that supports and maximises the potential of every individual as well as the whole.

Our Team Journey is designed to support and guide teams in their process of becoming purpose driven and self-organized.

Over 6 - 12 months, we work together with teams to build the core pillars for creativity and innovation, including trust, clarity and supportive structures. We offer a holistic approach to team development, which encompasses organisational structures, team culture and the wellbeing of the individuals in the team. Throughout the program we provide practical tools and methods which can be directly integrated into daily work, while developing and linking daily operations to the overarching strategy, purpose, organisational structures, roles and decision making processes.   


Who is it for?

The Team Journey is designed for teams who are motivated to work with the principles of self-organisation and want to create structures which support a culture of trust, empowerment and innovation. This includes:

  • Start up teams transitioning from the phase of being founder lead, to growing a team
  • Social initiatives and start ups moving from the project phase, to creating a professionalised organisation
  • Established teams working under traditional hierarchical structures wanting to transition to a self-organised approach

Not sure if you’re ready to become fully self-organised, but still interested in adopting some practices and tools? Contact us to discuss your customised Team Journey.

Where does it lead?

The Team Journey empowers and equips teams with tools and capacities including:

  • Build supportive and empowering team structures and culture
  • Practical tools and methods for organising daily work, and creating transparency and accountability (Scrumban, pull principle, decision making, meetings etc.)
  • Clarity about organisational structures, roles and how decisions are made and by whom
  • Create or develop a shared purpose and vision
  • Develop understanding and practice of leadership in self-organisation and complexity
  • Develop team resilience and adaptability

What’s Involved?

7 Workshops

Workbook with exercises, resources & tools

Peer mentors

6 Consultation sessions

Team Journey Overview

Want to learn more about each module of the team journey?  Click here to download Team Journey Module Overview

The Journey consists of 7 workshops and 6 consultation sessions, which take place over a period of 6 - 12 months. 

Workshops take place online via Zoom* and are facilitated by our trainers. The interactive workshops balance between introducing content, tools, and methods, as well as reflection and hands on-action. 

Online consultation sessions take place between the workshops to give the team the opportunity to resolve questions and challenges which arise as they implement the tools and methods into their team. 

Peer to peer learning is supported through an optional team buddy system, to dive deeper into themes on an individual level.

*In-person workshops are available for teams located in the Bonn/Cologne area.


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