Tannenbusch House

Unity Effect is the organization behind The Tannenbusch House – a co-creative space and international culture center in Bonn.


A space of trust

Whether it’s sharing a skill or a hobby, or experimenting a new tool or an exercise, the house serves as an open living room where people are encouraged to try things and develop.

A playground

Thinking and evaluating situations and feelings, understanding your environment through new models such as Teal or Complex systems, having the chance to reflect, take a decision or solving a conflict, we facilitate that.

A think tank

We create and hold a safe space to share ideas, explore new methods and listen to the future that wants to emerge. A central element is to practice our intuition and reflect on our inner attitude and intention that we want to share with the world.

Creativity and embodiment

Filter and select the things that appeal to you the most: be it yoga or acro-yoga, art session, theatre, music jams, cultural evenings or practicing shared hobbies together, this place allows you to create and explore. Grow and multiply your experience by taking part to all the workshops organized here. We are forming communities of practice around teams, teach languages or have storytelling or active listening programmes.

Workshops and programmes

We focus on really developing a conscious mindset, talking about sustainability, social entrepreneurship, the inner and outer leadership path.


Whether it is organizing a barbecue every Sunday, taking part to a board games night, a karaoke evening or just having a fun relaxed day at the house, here you can meet a lot of new and inspiring people.