A new paradigm is dawning on the beautiful morning sky of social innovation. We realize that we cannot solve many challenges in isolation or by rational thinking. The world is not a machine that can be fixed, but a living ecosystem and organism that we can listen to, learn from and engage with.

So are we as individuals. As complex creatures we have many sides to us that want to be expressed. And we are in search for meaningful connection and collaboration with others.

We see it as a shift from fear to trust, from competition to collaboration, from individual (what is good for me?) to ecosystem awareness (what is good for all of us, what wants to happen?).

This shift changes the way we tackle wicked problems & challenges, how we work and create together, and how we make decisions.

Our approach to social change and innovation is to begin by understanding our environment with all its interrelations and dynamics. We seek to create synergies  between existing players and parts (by listening to shared goals & motivations) and come together to co-create the new. This process can only be achieved in constant reflection, and by caring for the bigger picture and a shared purpose of those involved.