Self-Organised Teams – An Online Course

An introduction to self-organisation with practical tools for teams

Self-Organised Teams

The world of work is changing. Many teams and organizations struggle to keep up with the pace of change and innovation. At the same time, many people are disengaged and feel underappreciated at work. In this context, many people are looking for new ways of organizing and working together in teams. Self-organized teams have emerged as a solution to these challenges.

In our online course we take a holistic approach to self-organization which looks at the mindset, behaviour, structures and cultures which support it to work successfully.

You might have heard about agile project management, lean, scrum, kanban - or about Teal organisations, sociocracy, holacracy or any of the other methods and approaches which work with self-organization. Together they form a holistic picture of self-organization, which covers aspects from process optimization and agility, to purpose-driven work, to thriving and connected team cultures.

Whether you want to transform your organization completely or you are simply looking for ways to build a healthier team culture, this course will provide you with content and tools to start where you are at.   

Who is it for?

  • Team leaders and managers, team members, founders, volunteer managers and anyone who wants to create a more empowered, thriving team culture
  • Anyone who wants to learn about alternative ways of structuring team work
  • Anyone who is interested in new work, agile, scrum, lean or Teal and wants to gain a holistic understanding of what’s behind the buzzwords
  • Anyone who wants to bring more trust, appreciation and human connection into their team


What you will learn?

  • What differentiates self-organized teams from traditional teams
  • Why self-organizing teams are suited to deal with today’s complex, fast-paced world by staying agile and innovative 
  • What a post-hierarchical organization is and how to build self-organized structures
  • Methods to decentralize and empower team decision-making and unleash the collective power and creativity in the team
  • The key mindset shifts which support new ways of working 
  • How to create a thriving team environment with high levels of trust, effective communication and human connection
  • How to work and lead with purpose



There are no prerequisites to the course. The course is accessible through Udemy and you will need an email address to register.


Estimated Time

3-4 Hours

Including exercises

Payment Options

The course costs 79.99 (€) and the payment can be made through the Udemy platform when you begin the course.

Course Curriculum

Click here to download the complete course curriculum.

Any Questions?

We will be happy to answer any questions or queries you may have regarding the course.