Purpose Journey Weekly Overview


'Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.'

Howard Thurman

Weekly Themes

Week One: Powerful Questions

Who am I? Why am I here? Pretty big questions, right? Questions can be a powerful tool to guide us. In the first week we develop our own powerful questions which will help guide our journey. We practice holding and working with questions, letting the answers emerge and allowing ourselves to be surprised.

Week Two: What I Deeply Care About

What is it that I really, deeply care about? What is true to me, and what is coming from somewhere else, such as my family, friends or society? This week we focus on getting clearer and trusting ourselves on what it is that really matters to us.

Week Three: Purpose & Excitement

What is it that really inspires and excites me? In week three we dive into our excitement as an entry point to discover and connect to our purpose.

Week Four: Making Decisions

What decisions do I need to make and what do I need to let go of? Getting clearer about what is important to us and what excites us can mean letting go of things that no longer serve us or align with our values and purpose. This week is all about making decisions that help us move forward and follow our excitement. It’s about listening to our intuition to sense into the decisions and thresholds we are facing, and paying attention to the daily decisions we make when we say yes or no.

Week Five: Sensing into the path ahead

Sometimes when we face a crossroad or are in a transition phase, the path ahead might not be so clear. If we don’t yet clearly know which direction we are headed in, then the steps to get there cannot easily be figured out logically. Even if they are clear, it can feel scary to actually take them, especially if we don’t know exactly what the outcome will be. And this is totally ok. Part of using our purpose and values as a compass is getting comfortable with the unknown and trusting each step as it comes. This week is about listening to our intuition, connecting to potential and sensing into the path ahead.

Week Six: Appreciation

In the final week of our journey, we begin by looking back over our personal journeys and appreciate how far we’ve already come and all the significant, challenging and beautiful moments along the way. Then we look back over our time together, tie together the different threads and reflect on what has happened, what has changed and remained, what we’ve discovered and how we’ve grown. And of course, we celebrate! We also look to the path ahead, to the things we want to carry forward with us to continue following our deep excitement and living our purpose. Because of course, this is not the end, it’s really just the beginning…