Unity Effect’s purpose is to empower changemakers to consciously connect & lead.


Who are the Changemakers?

We believe that anyone can catalyze meaningful change. We work with the next generation of social entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, innovators, students & young leaders.

How do we empower?

Changing the world starts inside every one of us. We empower changemakers to connect to their purpose, tap into their potential and overcome their own obstacles, so that we can each have the most meaningful impact through our lives and work.

Conscious action

Consciousness comes from being present, aware and mindful of ourselves and others around us. It means to connect and act in alignment with our values, purpose and potential. It allows us to notice opportunities in the moment and to act intentionally.   

Connecting meaningfully

Leading meaningful lives, catalyzing change and creating a world that works, starts with connecting. Connecting to ourselves, our purpose and our potential, connecting to others and connecting to the bigger picture.

Leading transformation

We guide changemakers to become transformational leaders: leaders who take personal responsibility, who create enabling environments for others, who act from empathy and trust, who listen deeply and who tap into the greater potential of every situation.  



Why is our purpose so important to us?

As a Teal and a Listening organization, our purpose is at the core of everything we do. It guides our decisions, our strategic development and our everyday work. It allows us to be agile, self-organized and to say yes to emerging opportunities, without the blinkers of a rigid strategic plan. And of course, it is evolutionary – it adapts with us.

Our Inspiration

In the last years we have experienced and observed a rise of new paradigms and frameworks to understand and interact with our world. In 2013, Otto Scharmer published his book “Leading from the Emerging Future”, followed by a MOOC (online course) and kickstarting a global movement. Similarly, Frederic Laloux’s book “Reinventing Organizations”, published in 2014, showed new ways for companies to organize and structure themselves. Since then, terms like evolutionary purpose, wholeness and the advice process are entering  into the business world.

Both examples draw on existing knowledge from complexity science, social constructivism, philosophical traditions like buddhism and neuroscience among others, and shine light on fundamental questions about the society and future we desire as humans. Our approach is not to reinvent the wheel. Instead, we want to draw on existing frameworks and knowledge to support transformational processes.

Our Values

“The success of an intervention depends on the interior condition of the intervenor” — Bill O’Brien
In the past decades we have spent significant time and energy focusing on the change we want to create outside, neglecting the importance of the inner state of being out of which actions arise.  As an organization and individuals we base our (inter)actions on trust, mutual appreciation and integrity, creating a space that supports us in our wholeness of being.
We care deeply about our communities and our environment, and we also assume full responsibility for what we do and the consequences we bring forth. This includes to fully acknowledge both our successes and challenges, and to talk about them with authenticity and transparency.
So here is the list of our core values: Trust, appreciation, integrity, wholeness, care, responsibility, authenticity and transparency. Do we always live up to them? Certainly not. We make mistakes and have our bad moments. Yet most of the time we feel deeply connected to them, and we make sure that our values shape our internal structures and external relations (and not the other way around).