Our purpose is to lead change from the inside out.



We know that the world is changing at a faster pace and becoming increasingly complex. Developments in technology and science and their implications on society and the environment mean that the future is becoming more uncertain – it’s impossible to know for sure how the world will look even in a few years.

So how can we deal with this uncertainty as leaders? How can we not just passively experience change but actively shape it towards a world that works?

We believe that changing the world starts with each of us. It begins with understanding our values, what is important to us and the impact we want to create – and then finding others who share our passion and drive and getting into action.




We all have choices about what we do and how we live our lives. We can’t always choose what happens to us but we can always choose how we respond, how we interact, and how we show up.

We also choose – usually subconsciously – the things we value, the mindset with which we see the world, the things we believe, the stories we tell ourselves & others. And these things shape the way we act, the relationships we have, the careers and hobbies we pursue and the things we create. And this in turn creates our personal environment and our future.

We have the power as individuals to make choices about the stories we tell ourselves, the environments we want to live in and the future we want to have. And the same is true on a societal level. As societies we tell stories and make choices about the things we value, the rules we live by and the things we consider to be normal.




If we want to create meaningful change towards a more sustainable, equitable and thriving future, it’s not enough to work on the surface with short term solutions. Real change means shifting our understanding of what’s important to us and acting on it. For this to work we have to start with ourselves and get clear about what really matters to us and then team up with others who share our values and support us to make it happen.

How can we do this? For us, a key capacity to support this is listening. Listening to ourselves to understand what we care about, listening to others around us and listening to the bigger picture of what wants to happen.  

This might sound ridiculously simple, but imagine what would happen if we really listened to and shifted the way we value and tell stories about money, the environment, happiness, success and so many other things we take for granted. We have everything we need to create the future we want. 




As a Teal and a Listening organization, our purpose is at the core of everything we do. It guides our decisions, our strategic development and our everyday work. It allows us to be agile, self-organized and to say yes to emerging opportunities, without the blinkers of a rigid strategic plan. And of course, it is evolutionary – it adapts with us.



In the last years we have experienced and observed a rise of new paradigms and frameworks to understand and interact with our world. In 2013, Otto Scharmer published his book “Leading from the Emerging Future”, followed by a MOOC (online course) and kickstarting a global movement. Similarly, Frederic Laloux’s book “Reinventing Organizations”, published in 2014, showed new ways for companies to organize and structure themselves. Since then, terms like evolutionary purpose, wholeness and the advice process are entering  into the business world.

Both examples draw on existing knowledge from complexity science, social constructivism, philosophical traditions like buddhism and neuroscience among others, and shine light on fundamental questions about the society and future we desire as humans. Our approach is not to reinvent the wheel. Instead, we want to draw on existing frameworks and knowledge to support transformational processes.


Through our programs & communities of practice, we want to catalyze & support this paradigm shift towards more co-creative, connected, conscious and authentic ways of leading, working, doing and being. Join us in leading changing from the inside out.