Our Projects

Project Together: entrepreneurs acting on plastic

Project Together: Act on Plastic Challenge

The 2019 Act on Plastic Challenge is a joint effort from the Germany’s leading social start-up platform Project Together, Soulbottles and the Röchling Stiftung. It aims to find and support “startups and young initiatives with promising ideas and solutions for less plastic waste in nature” across Germany. The goal of the project is to “sustainably strengthen the participating initiatives in a multi-stage support program”. More than 100 projects signed up to be part of the soulincubator, a two-phase incubator program.

Together with Project Together, we created a social network map of the initiatives which are part of the Act on Plastic Challenge, with the goal of supporting them to connect, collaborate, share skills and learn from each other more intentionally. 

To enable this, we built a platform where initiatives can search for and connect to other initiatives in the network which are working in the same or complementing fields, geographical area and Sustainable Development Goals, as well as search for skills offered and needed in the network. This information was then visualised in a social network map.  

You can see the public version of the map (with limited search criteria) by clicking here


Engagement Global: Sustainability Conference

Connecting Local Actors in Sustainability: The NachhaltigkeitsCamp (Sustainability Camp)



The NachhaltigkeitsCamp (Sustainability Camp) is a yearly Barcamp organised by Engagement Global and supported by Bonn.digital. It brings together actors and organisations working in the field of sustainability in Bonn. Following the Barcamp format, the conference agenda is co-created by the participants, creating an engaging, active and relevant event. 

At the 2019 edition of the camp, the Unity Effect team had carried out a live social network mapping of the participants. Individuals were able to create profiles in our platform and use the map to connect with others working in the same or complementing fields, to support the spirit of co-creation at the event.

You can see the public version of the map (with limited search criteria) by clicking here.

City of Bonn: Local sustainability network

Mapping Local Action for Sustainability: The “Markt der Möglichkeiten” and the Forum Zukunft Bonn  

The Forum Zukunft - Lokale Agenda Bonn (“Forum Future - Local Agenda Bonn”) is a discussion forum hosted by the City of Bonn which aims to provide a platform for citizen networking and exchange around the local implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. It comprises around 40 local initiatives and organisations, all of them committed to sustainability and equality in Bonn and around the world. In June 2019, the City of Bonn organised a Markt der Möglichkeiten (“Market of Opportunities”) to bring all the actors and initiatives together and provide a platform to exchange and connect with the broader community of the Bonn region. 

The Unity Effect team conducted a social network mapping of the different organisations and actors of the Forum which was on display during the Markt der Möglichkeiten.

You can access the report (in German) by clicking here: Forum Zukunft & Netzwerke für lokale Nachhaltigkeit (Bericht)


The purpose of the map was to visualise and deepen the understanding of the local sustainability ecosystem as a whole, while also providing information about the individual initiatives. 

As well as enabling the initiatives to connect with other initiatives, the information gathered also formed the basis of a social network analysis. The central question for the analysis was: can we observe patterns and create synergies in local action towards the SDGs? 

UN SDG Action campaign: global festival of action

Global Festival of Action for the Sustainable Development Goals



The Global Festival of Action, organised by the UN SDG Global Action Campaign, is a three day festival which brings together diverse stakeholders working towards the Sustainable Development Goals. As an Action Partner of the Festival in May 2019, the Unity Effect team conducted a live social network mapping of 227 festival participants.

The network map shows the connections between participants as well as the SDGs each person is working on (maximum 3 per person), skills offered and skills needed.

The purpose of visualising the network was to 1) allow participants to connect and collaborate more deliberately throughout and beyond the festival, and 2) provide a way for  the system to see itself; to identify blind spots, opportunities for strategic planning and action, and leverage points for change.

The map provided insights into which SDGs are most and least selected. It visualised the overlaps (or lack thereof) between different SDGs, where multiple people were working on the same combination of SDGs. These overlaps can be seen as potential spaces for innovation. Further, it highlighted the skills which are offered and needed in the network and where there is a discrepancy between the demand and availability of certain skills. This data could be used for planning of future events as well as taking strategic action from a systems perspective.