Organizational Development

We offer tailored approaches to support your organization’s needs, including leadership development, team capacity building, supporting agile working methods & self-organised structures, and creating inspired & innovative work environments.

How we work

We specialize in guiding teams and organizations over longer term, with the intention to empower them to proactively create the future they desire. Yet, whether we facilitate a single workshop or guide a long term change process, there are some things that are built into the DNA of how we work:

  • Creating experiential learning environments
  • Providing practical tools and methods that can be integrated directly into daily workflow, team processes and individual practices
  • Utilising personal and group reflections as a tool for learning and development
  • Holistic approach

Areas we work in

Cultural development

Leadership development

Organizational development

Team capacity building

Holistic approach: beyond the buzzwords

Organizational development and change processes happen on different and interrelated levels. Often we focus on the visible: organizational structures and individual behaviour, while ignoring the role of the intangible: individual mindset and organizational culture.

Bringing agility into a team or organization, for example, will not be achieved by introducing sprints and scrum boards alone. These methods are useful, yet without a culture of trust and innovation, and a mindset of self-leadership and responsibility, the impact will be limited.

We work together with our clients to identify their needs and objectives across the following four areas, in order to tailor holistic solutions.

The following chart demonstrates some of the interrelated topics which commonly arise. When there is need to focus on a particular area in greater depth, we work together with our network of expert facilitators who specialise in different topics (link to our network).

Impact monitoring

There are many reasons to measure and track the impact of interventions: validating our actions and learning, and improving or reporting within and outside of the organization. Monitoring schemes generally concentrate on hard numbers and visible outcomes, not accounting for less tangible yet equally important aspects of change processes.

Our approach to monitoring reflects our holistic principles.

  • We incorporate the inner dimensions of change: our personal mindset and the team culture.
  • We draw on methods like story harvesting to discover underlying dynamics and perceptions as well as changes that were truly meaningful for employees and customers.
  • We perceive your organization as a complex and adaptive system, where the relation between interventions and change is often non-linear,

Based on these principles we see impact monitoring as a means to empower individuals and teams and as a means to re-author the future of your company.