Purpose Journey

Are you ready to bring more purpose into your life?

Many of us want to bring more purpose into our work and lives. Figuring out how to live a life of meaning can feel overwhelming – whether it means taking a new path or working out how to bring more purpose into your current circumstances. And it’s especially challenging if we are not yet clear on what our purpose is and what our next steps might be.

The good news is you’re not alone! Join a diverse group of purpose-seekers on a Journey to discover how you can use your unique strengths and passions to serve others. Build resilience and courage to make decisions and find your next steps in alignment with your values and purpose.

Our 6 Week guided online program

Who is it for?

The Purpose Journey is for anyone who wants to reconnect with their purpose, whether you are in a transition phase and looking for your next steps, or simply wishing to bring more purpose into your life.

What’s included?

Weekly 2 hour online workshops

Peer mentoring sessions

Workbook with additional content, resources & tools

Optional certificate of completion


How much time does it take?

Approximately 4 hours per week:
2 hours workshop

1 hour peer coaching

1 hour exercises & journaling



Our Participants

What I loved most about the Purpose Journey was the sense of community. Emily, our journey guide, fostered an atmosphere of trust and respect from the get-go. I felt at home with the people, which I hadn’t expected in an online course. We were able to empower and help each other on our journey. Thank you for this profound experience!

Eva – Purpose Journey Participant

The Purpose Journey made me reconnect with the feeling that there is still some territory to be explored and discovered for myself. It gave me the courage to feed this thought, give it a form and translate it into possible actions and concrete steps. 

Once the journey is over, another starts: you already have the questions, and the tools, now it’s about you taking your next steps into your own hands. It sounds quite scary, but somehow the process you go through during the program, supported by tools and habits such as powerful questions, daily reflection & journaling makes it much simpler, more approachable, and way less dramatic. Therein lies its power and beauty. 

Paulina – Purpose Journey Participant

Whether you are in a transition phase in your life at the moment or simply wanting to get more in touch with your purpose, we invite you to embark on a Journey of reflection, insight and inspiration.

How can I...

find a path which is more true to me and what I most care about?

live a meaningful life where I can contribute with my strengths and passions?

take care of myself at the same time as serving others?

follow my path even if others don’t understand my choices?

find more purpose in my current circumstances?

take my next steps even when I don’t know what will happen next?

The journey path

The Journey

The Journey is limited for a group of up to 12 participants. Over 6 weeks we meet once a week for a 2 hour online workshop with the group, which takes place via Zoom. Our Journey Guides facilitate the workshops with a focus on experiential learning, reflection and sharing practical methods and tools. Our workshop-sessions are highly interactive – this is definitely not your typical online course!

Between the workshops there are peer-coaching sessions, as well as individual exercises and journaling to dive deeper into the weekly themes, guiding your Journey towards inner clarity and purpose. The Journey towards discovering your purpose is highly personal, yet there is a huge power in exploring this together in a small group where we can support and learn from one another.

Click here for a weekly overview.

Where does the journey lead?

Learn and practice skills and tools to:

  • (Re)discover with your values, purpose & strengths
  • Grow courage to make decisions and face challenges
  • Practice self-care and build resilience to navigate uncertainty
  • Develop trust and clarity for your next steps and direction

Upcoming Purpose Journeys

Purpose Journey (English)

13th April - 18th May

Tuesdays 18:30  - 20:30 CEST


Your Journey Guide

Career & Life Coach, Listening Adventurer, Journey Guide

My purpose: Bringing more listening into the world. One conversation at a time.


Purpose Journey (Deutsch)

14th April - 19th May

Wednesdays 18:30  - 20:30 CEST


Your Journey Guide

Systemic & animal assisted Coach, Facilitator, HR Manager, Journey Guide

My purpose: Creating safe spaces for people to be their best self.



All our Journey Guides are Journey Alumni and trained by Unity Effect.

We offer a train the trainer program for our Journey Alumni to become Journey Guides. To find out more, contact us.




Corporate / company funded – 700 EUR

Individual / non-profit – 450 EUR


Optional certificate of completion - 60 EUR**

* We offer different price levels to enable people from different backgrounds to be able to join the Journey. We don’t want price to be a barrier and therefore we offer limited number of reduced rate scholarships for each Journey, with the final price agreed on together with you. To apply for a scholarship, please select this option in the application form.

**The Purpose Journey has been certified by the Institute for Education and Social Innovation (Ibugi). We are able to issue a Further Education Certificate on completion of the Journey.

All of our prices include 19% VAT.

Prices stated are for individual participants. To find out about prices for a program for your organisation, contact info@unityeffect.net