In 2018 Unity Effect will partner with Conscious Business to offer the Conscious Social Innovation Program.

The Program is aimed at changemakers, social entrepreneurs, students and innovators who are ready to step up and do things differently. Bringing together the personal development approach of Transformational Leadership with the practical skills of a Conscious Business incubator, the Program will guide participants through the process of developing and implementing a social innovation project.

Participants will undergo processes of ideation, project development, prototyping and iteration, alongside developing leadership capacities that are needed to lead a project, a team and themselves. We will delve into our personal purpose and the purpose of our project, practice skills in communicating, listening, reflecting and learning and explore what it takes to be a change maker and leader in times of uncertainty and change. At the same time, Conscious Business will equip participants with the practical business, financial and marketing skills needed to turn ideas into reality. The Program content will be delivered by our Think Tank of facilitators, coaches and innovation practitioners.  

The inaugural Conscious Social Innovation Program will take place from February to June 2018 in Bonn, Germany.

Join us in changing the world from the inside out! 

For more information and application process, please get in touch!