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We provide training and tools to support you in your work, collaborate and lead with more purpose and impact.

Digital Facilitation & Training

Whether you want to facilitate an online event or meeting, digitalise an in-person event, or learn how to facilitate online yourself, we have tools & methods to help you create engaging & productive online events. We offer digital facilitation trainings, facilitation of online events & meetings, online workshops & community calls.

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Network Visualisation

Network visualisation is a powerful tool to explore the relationships and dynamics that exist within a network, which are otherwise hidden.We work together with networks and communities to leverage their collective power. Our approach follows a holistic cycle of reflection, capacity building and deliberate, joint action. 

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Team Journey

We offer workshops on a range of topics around leadership and self-organisation. Our highly interactive sessions bring together theory and practice, with a focus on experiential learning. Throughout the program we provide practical tools and methods which can be directly integrated into daily work.

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Client Testimonials

A gift to me! I was truly amazed how Unity Effect managed to design a well fitted one-day-workshop with our group of 10 professionals in leading positions in different kinds of businesses.We have learnt a lot about leadership and self-organisation and the Why of our actions. The workshop was well structured with refreshing breaks.


Uta Mielisch, Schmid Stiftung

 It’s a pleasure for the Bonn Institute for Migration Research and Intercultural Learning (BIM) to work together with Unity Effect’s committed team. Their creative ideas, innovative approaches and methods have expanded and enriched the further education, project and integration work of BIM and MIGRApolis House of Resources Bonn.

Philip Gondecki- MIGRApolis House of Resources Bonn

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