For Individuals

Whether you’re in a transition phase and wanting to find your next steps, thinking about starting a social impact project, or you’re ready to step into your potential as a leader, our programs are designed to support you on your path.


Join us on a Journey of insight, reflection and action. We offer three types of Journeys, Leadership journey, Changemaker journey & Purpose journey. They are experiential-based programs for small groups of individuals or teams, facilitated by our Journey Guides. The workshops combine practical tools and methods, interactive sessions, peer coaching and more.

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Huddles – Community Calls

Our Huddles are facilitated community calls which we run every month online. They are designed to create meaningful connections between us as social innovators, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, leaders and changemakers, from across the globe. They are highly interactive sessions which give us space to share our skills, knowledge and experiences with each other.

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Self Organized Teams- An Online Course

Many teams and organizations struggle to keep up with the pace of change and innovation. At the same time, many people are disengaged and feel underappreciated at work. Self-organized teams have emerged as a solution to these challenges.Take our online course to learn what self-organization is and master practical tools to implement it into your team or organization. 

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When I started seeing so many faces, all of them in the same place, and at the same time, every one of us from his/her own cultural and social backgrounds, I felt there was a big community of people doing great things out there. You created such a safe place for us to share our experiences and to really calm down for a while. I would love to repeat it!


Pedro Tomás Esteve – Founder of PerCorda, Huddle Participant (February 2020)

It feels good to be able to work on and express this clarity. And at the same time to accept the chaos within. Right now I’m just super inspired to keep going. I can allow myself to celebrate the small wins and to let go of the things where nothing has happened yet.


Clemens, Changemaker Journey Participant (Autumn 2019) 

What really did me good was to dream, and then to realise that parts of the dream are already there in my actions and decisions.

Ina, Changemaker Journey Participant (Autumn 2019)