Donate or Invest

As non-profit entrepreneurs we are dancing between the lines of our social purpose and business-oriented solutions. Ultimately, we believe in the integration of both worlds, and that they can provide mutual benefits and inspiration.

For this reason, we invite you and your organization to engage with us on two different levels, and you can evaluate which one resonates more:

  1. Donate to Unity Effect or a specific project that we will implement in 2018
  2. Invest in our ideas and our desired impact

These are the different ways for you to donate to Unity Effect. And as we are a registered non-profit organization, all donations can be deduced from your tax.

  • Support our crowdfunding campaign at betterplace
  • Become a supporting member by donating on a monthly basis (and become part of our change maker community)
  • Become an ambassador for Unity Effect: motivate people in your environment to support our joint goals. Please contact us and we will share all the resources that you need.

Not sure which one is best for you? Or do you have other philanthropic, big and ‘crazy’ ideas you’d like to support? Please get in touch.

Become an Investor

Investing in Unity Effect means to share a similar vision about our future. You can mobilize financial resources, and we have tools and projects to mobilize hearts and minds. As a potential investor we would love to hear more about your motivation, and to understand how our interests can align. In general, we are looking for investment for:

For both cases please send a message to to get the conversation started.