Changemaker Journey Weekly Overview

Inner clarity for outer action

The first half of the journey focuses on developing inner clarity and supportive habits, as a basis for purposeful action. The second half of the journey focuses on teaming up, prototyping and taking action.

Weekly Themes

Week One: Powerful Questions

Who am I? Why am I here? Pretty big questions, right? Questions can be a powerful tool to guide us. In the first week we develop our own powerful questions which will help guide our journey. We practice holding and working with questions and letting the answers emerge and allowing ourselves to be surprised

Week Two: What I Deeply Care About

What is it that I really, deeply care about? What is true to me, and what is coming from somewhere else, such as my family, friends or society? In week two we focus on getting clearer about what it is that really matters to us.

Week Three: Purpose and Excitement

What is it that really inspires and excites me? In week three we dive into our excitement as an entry point to discover and connect to our purpose.

Week Four: Making Decisions and Letting Go

What decisions do I need to make and what do I need to let go of? This week is all about making decisions that help us move forward and follow our excitement. It’s about listening to our intuition, sensing potential and opportunities and getting clearer about what supports me to follow my purpose and what doesn’t.

Week Five: What do I want to create?

What do I want to bring into this world? Our midway point in the journey is about connecting to our inner clarity and purpose to guide deliberate action. It’s about bringing intention the things we create, recognising that we are constantly creating through our daily actions. Over the second half of the journey we will focus on exploring different ways in which we can live, create and prototype our purpose, through developing a project. This week we will sense into the core intention, vision and potential of our project and commit to our first action steps.

Week Six: Sensing my System

In week six we start to turn our focus outward to see ourselves and our projects as part of a broader ecosystem. It’s about mapping the connections and resources we already have, and exploring where there is potential to create new connections that support you and your project.  

Week Seven: Courageous Action

Our focus in week seven is on building courage through taking action. We look back over our personal journeys and at the moments where we were courageous, and appreciate how far we’ve already come. We also explore the things that support us to take courageous action, especially when we are facing the unknown.   

Week Eight: Navigating Challenges

As we build connections, take courageous action and develop our projects, we inevitably face challenges. In week eight we pay attention to the obstacles that are showing up, both within us and in the outside world. We explore at the way we engage with obstacles and practice looking for the choices and opportunities which these challenges offer us.

Week Nine: Sustainable Action

Creating a project which is sustainable in the longer term means sustaining yourself. In week nine  we connect to our sources of energy and look at the practices and habits which help us build resilience, recharge our battery and find balance.

Week Ten: Celebration and Feedforward

In the final week of our journey, we look back over our time together, tie together the different threads and reflect on what has happened, what has changed and remained, what we’ve discovered and how we’ve grown. We also look to the path ahead, to our next steps and commitments, and to our personal architecture which supports us to continue following our deep excitement and living our purpose. And of course, we celebrate!