Sustainable business: why the sustainability of your project starts with you

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By Emily Johnston, co-founder and co-CEO from Unity EffectThese days, many of us consider ‘start-up founder’ or ‘social entrepreneur’ to be a pretty sweet job title. One that we tend to glorify in association with some kind of working-all-hours-from-home-caffeine-fuelled-sacrifice-my-social-life-for-my-world-changing-ideal lifestyle and a golden ticket into a high adrenaline world of pitches, investors, hackathons and out […]

Listening to a moment can help the person speak change

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By Franziska Kohn*Note: This text was written in the context of her participation at the Beyond Storytelling Conference 2018, and it was originally published on the Beyond Storytelling Harvest 2018 Blog. Here, Franzi remind us about something very essential: “the dynamic between re-membering, telling and listening and how this can lead to change. In small […]

Theory U meets New Work: Wozu eigentlich?

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Die meisten Trends und Veränderungen gehen einher mit neuen Begrifflichkeiten, eine Art Geheimsprache für diejenigen, die sich mit dem Trend verbunden fühlen. Im Schatten der oftmals mit Unsicherheit und Angst geführten Debatten um Digitalisierung, Künstliche Intelligenz oder Automatisierung fasst so ein neuer Trend halt. Die Szene-Wörter dieses Trends sind New Work oder Theory U. In […]

Theory U meets New Work

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By Jannik Kaiser, co-founder and co-CEO from Unity Effect. Most trends and changes are accompanied by new terminology, a kind of secret language for those who feel connected to the trend. In the shadow of the debates about digitalisation, artificial intelligence or automation, which are often conducted with uncertainty and fear, a new trend is […]