Five Questions for Jannik Kaiser

Jannik Kaiser is not only our co-founder and co-CEO, he is also a visionary. Since May 2017, he lives in...
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Lessons in Leadership: The sustainability of your project starts with you.

By Emily Johnston, co-founder and co-CEO from Unity EffectThese days, many of us consider ‘start-up founder’ or ‘social entrepreneur’ to...
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Listening to a moment can help the person speak change

By Franziska Kohn*Note: This text was written in the context of her participation at the Beyond Storytelling Conference 2018, and...
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5 (inner) capacities for changemakers

5 (inner) capacities for changemakers By Emily Johnston, co-founder and co-CEO from Unity Effect. Motivated to make a difference? You...
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Theory U meets New Work: Wozu eigentlich?

Die meisten Trends und Veränderungen gehen einher mit neuen Begrifflichkeiten, eine Art Geheimsprache für diejenigen, die sich mit dem Trend...
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