Wie geht das eigentlich mit der Solidarität?

Dieser Blog Beitrag unseres Teammitglieds Sabrina Meissel ist ein persönlicher Einblick in ihre und unsere letzten drei verrückten Wochen. Auch,...
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Being a strange attractor

Have you heard about strange attractors? In this new post, our co-founder Jannik Kaiser explores the world of chaos, dynamical...
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Being a journey guide as a source of inspiration

By Jannik Kaiser, co-founder & journey guide At Unity Effect, one of the favourite parts of the job is guiding...
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Your very own Emergency Toolbox

By Franziska Kohn, co-founder & journey guide from Unity Effect What would support you in stressful, tricky times? What are...
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Map 13: A guide to chart the future course of philanthropy

Pedro Portela is systems engineer and systems and network science expert who collaborates with Unity Effect in the areas of...
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