Five Questions to Franziska Kohn

Franziska (29) is in charge of the backbone structure of Unity Effect. She also performs as consultant for team processes & journey guide, a role that she finds highly inspiring. Franziska is also a passionate hiker; a nature & breathtaking views lover.  Among other things, here she explains why high quality pauses are important for starting the year properly.

Sustainable business: why the sustainability of your project starts with you

If you burn out, your business baby will too. We all know the importance of sleeping enough, exercising and eating well. But knowing and doing are different. And doing and doing consistently can be worlds apart.

Listening to a moment can help the person speak change

Sharing and telling one’s moment, one’s story – as well as listening to someone else’s story this way, is a gift. It creates engagement, a connection – between the teller and the listener, and also within oneself.

Theory U meets New Work


Even if all these approaches and concepts differ from each other, they still ask us the following central questions: How do we want come together in the work context, now and in the future? And what contribution do we as an organization and as individuals make to “the greater whole”?

Theory U meets New Work: Wozu eigentlich?

Nicht nur sozial Engagierte sehnen sich nach Veränderung. Mehr und mehr Menschen in großen Unternehmen sind sich bewusst, dass ein radikaler Wandel nötig ist. Aber wie können wir diesen in Umfeldern anbringen, die noch immer auf alten Prinzipien beruhen?

5 (innner) capacities for changemakers

Changing the world doesn’t have to be as epic and overwhelming as it sounds. In fact, you have an impact on the world around you every day. Every little action, decision and conversation can have an impact that ripples out. So the question is: which kind of impact do you want to create?