For Individuals

Changemaker Journey

A 10 week personal and leadership development program for social entrepreneurs, innovators, students and young leaders.

For companies and teams

Organizational Development

Tailored approaches to support your organization’s needs, including leadership development, team capacity building, supporting agile working methods & self-organised structures, and creating inspired & innovative work environments.

New Work Journey

A 4 part program diving into Otto Scharmer’s Theory U and developing prototypes for our work and organizations, offered in partnership with Kompano.

Through our services we offer guidance and support in the process of actively shaping change and navigating through the increasing uncertainty and complexity that surrounds us. At the core of everything we do is our purpose of empowering people to lead and inspire change from the inside out.

This encompasses three levels of reflection and action:

  • Personal and leadership development
  • Meaningful and powerful connections with others
  • Purposeful and collaborative action

How we work

Whether we facilitate a single workshop, or guide a program or long term organizational change process, there are some things that are built into the DNA of how we work:

  • Creating experiential learning environments
  • Providing practical tools and methods that can be integrated directly into daily workflow, team processes and individual practices
  • Utilising personal and group reflections as a tool for learning and development
  • Holistic approach