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What I loved most about the Purpose Journey was the sense of community. Emily, our journey guide, fostered an atmosphere of trust and respect from the get-go. I felt at home with the people, which I hadn’t expected in an online course. We were able to empower and help each other on our journey. Thank you for this profound experience!

Eva – Purpose Journey Participant

The Purpose Journey made me reconnect with the feeling that there is still some territory to be explored and discovered for myself. It gave me the courage to feed this thought, give it a form and translate it into possible actions and concrete steps. 

Once the journey is over, another starts: you already have the questions, and the tools, now it’s about you taking your next steps into your own hands. It sounds quite scary, but somehow the process you go through during the program, supported by tools and habits such as powerful questions, daily reflection & journaling makes it much simpler, more approachable, and way less dramatic. Therein lies its power and beauty. 

Paulina – Purpose Journey Participant

It becomes systemic when we work in networks. When we share our resources, knowledge and experiences. When we look for ways to cooperate, rather than compete. When we work to create an impact that goes beyond any of us individually and reaches further than we ever could alone.

It gains power when we team up. When we play to the unique strengths of each person in the team. When we are empowered to make decisions, be creative, be ourselves. When we work together towards a shared purpose.

It starts with each of us. With our own inner clarity about who we are and what is important to us. With being honest with ourselves and making tough decisions. With knowing what we want to contribute to the world and feeling empowered to make it happen.

When I started seeing so many faces, all of them in the same place, and at the same time, every one of us from his/her own cultural and social backgrounds, I felt there was a big community of people doing great things out there. You created such a safe place for us to share our experiences and to really calm down for a while. I would love to repeat it!


Pedro Tomás Esteve – Founder of PerCorda, Huddle Participant (February 2020)

It feels good to be able to work on and express this clarity. And at the same time to accept the chaos within. Right now I’m just super inspired to keep going. I can allow myself to celebrate the small wins and to let go of the things where nothing has happened yet.


Clemens, Changemaker Journey Participant (Autumn 2019) 

What really did me good was to dream, and then to realise that parts of the dream are already there in my actions and decisions.

Ina, Changemaker Journey Participant (Autumn 2019) 

A gift to me! I was truly amazed how Unity Effect managed to design a well fitted one-day-workshop with our group of 10 professionals in leading positions in different kinds of businesses.We have learnt a lot about leadership and self-organisation and the Why of our actions. The workshop was well structured with refreshing breaks.


Uta Mielisch, Schmid Stiftung

 It’s a pleasure for the Bonn Institute for Migration Research and Intercultural Learning (BIM) to work together with Unity Effect’s committed team. Their creative ideas, innovative approaches and methods have expanded and enriched the further education, project and integration work of BIM and MIGRApolis House of Resources Bonn.

Philip Gondecki- MIGRApolis House of Resources Bonn

‘What I learned most out of the Unity Effect journey is this extraordinary beauty of reflecting myself in different situations in my personal life and also in my working life. We talked about and experienced listening, resilience, intuition and then always asked ourselves: How do I encounter this topics? How do others do it? This really gifted me so that I developed myself and matured a lot during this journey.’

Noemi Call Changemaker Journey Participant

‘The greatest experience for me was to reflect with others about the process and get to know how others tackle things and finally give it a frame to talk about those important things.’

Isabelle Acker Changemaker Journey Participant

‘10 weeks of a Journey. 10 weeks of inspiring input and profound reflection which are a time for intensive personal development and redirection. We found our way back to our personal values, navigated into the unknown and wandered in the wide space of integrity. For me personally the Journey was more than a personal enrichment in all the aspects that I already mentioned. It was a support in my current life and in challenges of my project.’

Priska Lang Changemaker Journey Participant

“The Changemaker Journey has been for me ten weeks of inspiring workshops, warm-hearted community and a good balance of theory and practice. But mainly it has been a great opportunity to work on the question ‘What do I want to bring to the world?’

Jonathan Hoenninger Changemaker Journey Participant

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