The Purpose Journey is getting certified

The next round of the program starts on June 30th and participants will have the option of receiving a certificate issued by the Institute for Education and Social Innovation (IBUGI) at Alanus University. 

What is important to me? Which direction do I want to take? Where might be opportunities I’ve never considered before? What are my next steps & what supports me to take them? 

At Unity Effect, we know that these kinds of questions have become even more relevant for many of us right now. Our Purpose Journey offers participants a space to explore these questions throughout 6 weeks in a small group and safe online environment. 

Our guided online course is aimed at providing participants with methods, tools and reflection space to connect with their inner purpose, values and sources of inspiration, dealing with uncertainty and enabling aware and meaningful decision-making.

The Purpose Journey is the third of our online programs for individuals which is being certified by the Institute for Education and Social Innovation (ibugi) after the Leadership Journey and the Changemaker Journey. ibugi is an academic institute at Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences and is based in Bonn. It is currently active in the areas of social innovation and social entrepreneurship, leadership and responsible economy, digitalisation and its impact on society, among others.

The Purpose Journey aims to support and empower participants to develop the following core capacities: 

  • Setting personal intentions and working with powerful questions;
  • Higher level of inner clarity, including their personal purpose, values, inspiration and motivation; 
  • The ability to create habits and environments which support them;
  • Awareness of their personal resilience and the capacity to act in changing and challenging situations;
  • Conscious decision-making, which may also include letting go of that which no longer serves or aligns with their values and purpose. 
  • Self-appreciation, trust and confidence in their own capacities and ability to navigate the future. 

If you are interested in joining this upcoming round of the program —starting June 30th (09:30-11:30 AM CEST)—, please fill out the application form available here. 

Steps & conditions for obtaining a certificate

Over the 6 weeks, you will need to invest at least 3-4 hours a week into your Journey. This includes: weekly online workshops (6x 2h), time for peer-mentoring sessions, journalling & other exercises. Here you can also access an overview of the weekly topics

When you join the Journey, you can now choose if you would like to receive a certificate at the end. If you would like to receive a certificate, then certain criteria have to be fulfilled in terms of participation and implementation of the content. The certificate has an additional cost of 60 EUR  (including taxes).

If you would like to receive a certificate of completion, there is a requirement of attending a minimum of 4 out of 6 sessions, as well as a short written reflection upon completion.

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