Our first online course on self-organization is available now!

“Self-organized teams” is a 5 module, self-directed course where you can learn about the world of self-organization and gain practical tools and methods you can directly apply within your team. 

What exactly is self-organization in teams? Is there an effective, healthy way to approach issues such as lack of engagement or lack of appreciation at work? Is there something we can do about our structures, processes and culture that could support us to navigate the ever changing world of work? How relevant is working with a shared purpose in a team? 

Our first self-directed online course “Self-organized teams: an introduction to self-organisation with practical tools for teams” approaches these and other questions in a practical, action-oriented way.  During this course, you will dive into new models and alternative organisational structures, as well as into processes such as decentralised decision-making, working towards a shared purpose and bringing more humanness into the workplace. 

Whether you want to transform your organization or you are simply looking for ways to build a healthier team culture, this course will provide you with content and tools to start where you are at.

A holistic approach towards self-organization 

Throughout 5 main modules and 28 short lectures (1.5 hours of on demand videos in total), your host Emily Johnston —co-founder of Unity Effect— will guide you through this course, taking a holistic approach to self-organization which looks at the mindset, behaviour, structures and cultures which support it to work successfully.

Each of the 28 lectures is framed in a module: “Introduction”, “Self-organized mindset”, “Self-organized structures”, “Self-organized behaviour” and “Self-Organized Team culture”.

The idea of our course is to show you that innovation, creativity, process optimization, efficient planning and fun can all work together, while making the most of the potential within the team and it’s members.

In this course you will learn about building self-organized teams which are:

  • flexible, adaptable and resilient to change and complexity
  • where the communication is open and effective
  • where the team members are comfortable to be themselves and are empowered to bring in their full set of skills and creativity. 

The course is already available for a price of €79.99 on the online learning platform Udemy. Besides the content, methods and tools provided in the videos, you will have access to 17 downloadable resources to work and reflect on the contents on your own. You should therefore also consider additional time (3-4 hours) for individual work. You can purchase and access a preview of the course here!

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