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As part of the celebrations of the 10 year anniversary of the initiative, our team is working on a network visualisation which will be presented to the community on June 8th 2020.  

Socialbar Bonn started in 2010 as a series of open meetings aimed to connect and exchange ideas around the digital scene in the city of Bonn. Since then, the initiative has provided a platform for institutions, companies, volunteers, NGOs and creative people who would like to present and discuss their projects within this field. 

The 50th edition will take place on June 8th. As this is a special anniversary, the organizers are working together with Unity Effect to create and present a visualization of the Socialbar network, which shows and reflects the scope and significance that the initiative has achieved for the regional digital innovation community during these ten years.  

The idea is to collect stories and information from participants (those who have participated in both past and present years) about when and how often they participated in Socialbar events, as well as their experiences in those events and the most relevant topics they associate with Socialbar Bonn. The survey is being prepared by Unity Effect and will be shared with the network at the beginning of April

Network visualisation is a powerful tool to explore the relationships and dynamics that exist within a network, which are otherwise hidden. The purpose of this project in particular is to visualise and deepen the understanding of the local digital innovation ecosystem. At the same time, it will allow the Socialbar Bonn to identify topical clusters and harvest significant stories and experiences around their activities. Learn more about our other projects in this area by clicking here

Next Socialbar Bonn will go online with the support of Unity Effect


Providing support in adapting and digitalising events, workshops or programs is one of the ways Unity Effect is currently assisting our community. This includes tips and methods for designing and facilitating online events in an efficient, engaging and interactive way, while providing a safe online space for everyone participating. Among others, we are collaborating with the organisers of Socialbar Bonn for their upcoming event. 

The next edition of Socialbar Bonn will take place on Monday 6th of April (18:00)*. Considering the current situation – and in line with the theme of the meeting: “Technologien der Zukunft” (Technologies of the Future)— the session will be run online on Zoom, in an interactive format. Click here for more information about the speakers and the topic. Unity Effect is also co-hosting this event and supported the organisers to adapt it into an online format.

Here you can learn more about our services around online facilitation and the ways it can support you and your community. If you have further questions, you can write to us any time via   

*Please note that this event will take place in German.

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