Our Leadership Journey is now getting certified

Participants of our upcoming Leadership Journeys – which next round starts February 27th – will now have the option of receiving a higher education certificate issued by the Institute for Education and Social Innovation (IBUGI) at Alanus University.

At Unity Effect, we know that the way we understand leadership is changing. We developed our Leadership Journey to provide methods and tools to those who already are in a leadership role, or growing into one, and are also keen on co-creating a new, purposeful way of working and leading.

In this spirit, we decided to partner up with the Institute for Education and Social Innovation (IBUGI) -academic institute at Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences to offer an official higher education certification for the Leadership Journey. The Institute, based in Bonn, is currently active in the areas of social innovation and social entrepreneurship, leadership and responsible economy, digitalisation and its impact and meaning for individuals and the whole society, among others.

Our Leadership Journey is aimed to build your capacities as an authentic and purposeful leader, and to learn tools and methods to support and empower your team. The certificate offered by Unity Effect and IBUGI is an official acknowledgment of the core leadership capacities that participants develop throughout the 12 week program: 

  • Acting with inner clarity and according to your own values.
  • Building team cultures of trust, empathy, creativity and appreciation and applying concrete methods toward this intention.
  • Enabling and empowering others to step into their own potential.
  • Applying methods and tools for efficient and appreciative decision-making and teamwork.
  • Setting personal boundaries, dealing with conflicts in a constructive way and giving and receiving constructive feedback.
  • Dealing with complexity and ambiguity in different (and complex) scenarios and situations.

How does it work?

Over the 12 weeks, you will need to invest at least 4 hours a week into your Journey. This includes: weekly online workshops, time for peer mentoring sessions, journalling & other exercises and additional time to implement tools and methods into your team. Here you can also access an overview of the weekly topics

When you join our Leadership Journey, you can now choose if you would like to receive a certificate at the end. If you would like to receive a certificate, then certain criteria have to be fulfilled in terms of participation and implementation of the content. 

For those participants studying at an European university, the certificate will also potentially provide the option of adding credit points and using the course as part of a module that aims at comparable qualification goals.

The certificate has an additional cost of 60 EUR.

The certification will also be available for participants of upcoming rounds of the Changemaker Journey, one of our four online programs.

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