Mapping local sustainability: Unity Effect at the Nachhaltigkeitscamp Bonn 2019

On September 27th, we will conduct a social network mapping of the participants of this event, which will take place from 09:00 to 17:30 in Basecamp Bonn.

The fourth version of the Camp (#ncbn19) is organised by Engagement Global and supported by The Nachhaltigkeitscamp Bonn 2019 is sketched as an open conference, giving the participants the possibility to engage with sustainability and the Sustainable Development Goals from a local approach. 

One of the main features of the event is its participative character: many of the sessions will be offered on site and organised on the basis of a jointly drawn timetable. Some of the main topics for the sessions, discussions and workshops will be urban gardening, E-mobility and sustainable digitalisation. Our participation this year will be in connection to the last topic (see below). 

Mapping the field of sustainability in Bonn 

On the previous version of the Camp (2018) we had the chance to conduct three Barcamp sessions on the topics of listening and resilience. This time, we were invited by the organisation to conduct a live social network mapping of the participants. The intention behind this is to provide an overview of the local sustainability and SDG scene, allowing at the same time the different actors and participants to connect more deliberately in the context of the Camp. The above, as the map will provide them with valuable information about other participants and the SDG and areas they are working on, facilitating strategic collaboration. 

The Unity Effect booth at the SDG Global Festival of Action 2019

As was the case for the social network analysis we conducted during the SDG 2019 Global Festival of Action, the mapping will work on the basis of the information provided by the participants, and will display information about the SDGs they are involved with, the skills that they can offer to the network and the areas in which they need or would like to have support. 

Enabling the network to see itself is the first level of our approach towards empowering networks . In other words, we provide the space and resources that allow the network to “make  the invisible visible”, especially when it comes to sharing and complementing resources and skills within the community. 

If you would like to learn more around our approach towards this topic, you can reach us via We’d be also happy to meet you in person at our booth at the Camp.

You can sign up for participating in the Nachhaltigkeitscamp Bonn 2019 by Engagement Global until September 27th. Click here for securing your ticket. 

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