From inspiration to action: the role of manifestation and the importance of not holding yourself back

Our first video- blog post, by Franziska Kohn

What can happen when you decide to follow your inner source of inspiration, and you consciously pay attention to the manifestations of a dream of yours? What are possible steps leading to action after this first manifestation or inspiration? In this post, our journey guide Franziska Kohn shares with us a personal process that started with a decision during her university studies, which finally led her to teach at a University herself and rediscover new ways of expressing her purpose.


Has Franzi’s experience inspired you? Would you also like to dive into your sources of inspiration & fully tap into your potential? In September, we are starting three different programs: the Purpose Journey, the Changemaker Journey & the Leadership Journey. Learn more about the application process and how each of them is related to our core topics here.

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