Unity Effect at the next Socialbar Bonn

On the 3rd of June, we are invited to present at the next edition of Socialbar Bonn: “Menschen vernetzen, wissen vermehren”. In a 10 minute presentation we will share about an interactive social network map we created to foster collaboration and deliberate action.

During the last edition of the 2019 SDG Global Festival of Action, more than 200 participants were able to interact with our tool for mapping and visualizing social networks and connections in real time, forming a total of 808 new connections and networks.

The tool for Social Network Mapping, which uses a mix of commercial and bespoke software platforms, was conceptualized in collaboration with systems and network science expert Pedro Portela. It is designed to enable attendants and participants to access valuable information about their existing and potential key partners.

You can see an updated version of the mapping here.

A first analysis showed interesting insights regarding the representation of different SDGs, and the skills in the network that are most needed and offered by the actors taking action towards the different goals. Some of these results will be shared by our team during the next edition of SocialbarBonn: “Menschen vernetzen, wissen vermehren”.

On the 3rd of June, you are all invited to this open meeting aimed to connect and exchange ideas around the digital scene in Bonn. Since 2010, Socialbar Bonn has provided a platform for institutions, companies, volunteers, NGOs and creative people who would like to present their projects in this field.

During this event, we would also like to explore the different possibilities offered by our social network mapping tool together with the participants.


Baunscheidstr.  17

53113 Bonn

Date and time

3rd of June, 18:00-21:00



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