Five Questions for Emily Johnston

Emily Johnston is one of our journey guides, being also in charge of the design of our programs & services. Emily is also passionate about nature & hiking -she has more than 5 years experience as hiking guide in her native Tasmania-, which explains why she enjoys walking meetings so much. Find out more about this and her sources of inspiration for 2019 by reading the following 5 Questions Interview.

Emily is one of our co-founders & co-CEOs. Besides that, she is one of our journey guides & programs designers.

I say our Unity Effect office at Social Impact Lab Bonn, you say?

Caring, inspiration, chocolate, post-its, excitement.

Could you tell us a little bit more about what truly and deeply inspires you?

I’m inspired by the magic that can happen when groups come together to create something that they couldn’t have created alone. I’m inspired by creating spaces and experiences for people and groups to trust and step into their potential. I’m inspired by people who start with the spark of an idea and then have the courage to share it and take the first step towards making it happen. I’m inspired by the current shift towards more connected and authentic ways of working, learning and leading and to be a part of creating this shift.

You are facing a stressful time and you start to feel overwhelmed with all that is still left to do – What do you pick up from your personal resilience toolbox to put it into practice?

Going for a walk is one of my favourite ways to recharge my battery and get fresh energy and inspiration. It can be together with others having a check in, a walking meeting or brainstorming session, or it can be alone. The important thing is to move, be outside and breath fresh air.

What do you wish for yourself and for the ones surrounding you on 2019?

Taking time for the things that really matter and clarity within ourselves to know what those things are. Taking time to nurture the connections with the people and projects which are important to us, including with ourselves. And of course a lot of inspiration, courage and trust to do and create the things we most desire.

One maxim that guides your life.

Being aware of the fact that every little action, decision and conversation can have an impact that ripples out. Yet also very important: be kind to yourself.

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