Five Questions for Paulina Andrade

Paulina (32) arrived in Germany in 2016 from faraway Chile to pursue her master´s degree. Two years and a half later, she has found a place for inspiration at Unity Effect. Our communications & branding coordinator is also passionate about finding stories to be told and shared. Discover more by reading the following 5 questions- interview.

I say our Unity Effect office at Social Impact Lab Bonn, you say? 

Caring, post its & chocolate… lots of chocolate.

Could you tell us a little bit more about what truly and deeply inspires you?

People and their stories… there is awesomeness and resilience within every human being. Hearing and sharing those stories, and realizing that even when we think the world and the life within it cannot be more jeopardized, one awesome story can give us some light & inspiration back.

You are facing a stressful time and you start to feel overwhelmed with all that is still left to do – What do you pick up from your personal resilience toolbox to put it into practice?

I resort to the mix of activating my body by dancing lindy hop* & finding peaceful time for myself directly afterwards. And having nice food & wine with someone you really like. Or, again, just with myself.

What do you wish for yourself and for the ones surrounding you on 2019?

A fruitful yet quite time. I am convinced that, from a place of calmness, we can continue disputing spaces in daily life with the ego paradigm that stills governs our systems & relationships.

One maxim that guides your life.  

Act kind & wholeheartedly. Life can be way too short to act the opposite.

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One thought on “Five Questions for Paulina Andrade

  1. Hey Paulina,
    I really like your way of thinking about humanity and positivity of life on earth. Keep it up dear.
    One of your well-wisher

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