Five Questions for Franziska Kohn

Franziska Kohn is the organizational development coordinator from Unity Effect, and one of our journey guides.

Franziska (29) is in charge of the backbone structure of Unity Effect. She also performs as consultant for team processes & journey guide, a role that she finds highly inspiring. Franziska is also a passionate hiker; a nature & breathtaking views lover.  Among other things, here she explains why high quality pauses are important for starting the year properly. 


I say our Unity Effect office at Social Impact Lab, you say? 

Awesomeness & real care.

Could you tell us a little bit more about what truly and deeply inspires you?

People discovering their strength and potential and stepping into it – it is for me so inspiring to see this happening. And being able to support this happening, inspires me to keep on discovering, learning and sharing.

You are facing a stressful time and you start to feel overwhelmed with all that is still left to do – What do you pick up from your personal resilience toolbox to put it into practice?

To keep on having proper lunch breaks, something warm into your belly and then a short walk outside. Your body needs it and your mind as well!

And one of my favorites, a three minute breathing exercise.

What do you wish for yourself and for the ones surrounding you on 2019?

On the way to our office every day, I cross the southern bridge over the Rhine. The bike path is next to the highway, so it is busy, full, loud, fast. Normally it is also quite windy on the bridge, so I biked harder to cross it fast.

Picture by Franziska Kohn.

From the bridge though, you have a wonderful view onto the Rhine and Siebengebirge. So one day I decided instead of crossing it fast to stop everyday on the bridge for a moment, somewhere along the way, and pause and just enjoy and appreciate the view for some moments before I go on. This is what I wish myself and my surrounding for 2019 – to discover this choice for a pause, the possibility of enjoyment despite a maybe hectic loud surrounding, and this awesome feeling coming along with the appreciation.

One maxim that guides your life.  

Don´t stress too much over things that will not matter anymore in two years. And kid, you gotta love yourself. 

Finally, one maxim that supports me to “keep in mind”: “I think (too much), therefore I am (not there to live my life)”, from Thich Nhat Hanh.

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