Five Questions for Jannik Kaiser

Jannik Kaiser, co-founder & co-CEO from Unity Effect.

Jannik Kaiser is not only our co-founder and co-CEO, he is also a visionary. Since May 2017, he lives in The Tannenbusch House, a co-creative space and open living room where people are encouraged to share, try things and develop. Next, he answers 5 questions on how he is facing the first part of 2019. Humor, listening and inspiring others are part of the mix.


I say our Unity Effect office at Social Impact Lab, you say? 

Colorful, joy, home for my dreams, inspiration & calmness, people listening to my bad jokes.

Could you tell us a little bit more about what truly and deeply inspires you?

Driving systemic change and knowing that we can create the future we desire. If I slow down and listen, I realize that incredible things are happening these days. People are coming together, we create new ways of leading and living and therefore prepare the soil for a new paradigm to come. What deeply inspires me personally is to develop the inner clarity and humble confidence to contribute to that shift; and to be able to inspire people and organizations to do the same.

You are facing stressful times and you start to feel overwhelmed with all that is still left to do – What do you pick up from your personal resilience toolbox to put it into practice?

  • Looking out for humor & joy in little moments.
  • Listening beyond the words (especially in difficult conversations): Ask yourself what others are truly looking for or want to communicate. And be generous with that.
  • 2-5 seconds: Breathe out and let all your thoughts, worries & tensions go.

What do you wish for yourself and for the ones surrounding you on 2019?

A playful heart and the power to forgive.

One maxim that guides your life.  

“You do not attract that which you want, but that which you are”.

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