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We are ready to embark on a Purpose Journey together with you.

The Purpose Journey is for those who wish to (re)connect with their purpose, values and their sources of inspiration. In times of rapid transformation it is more crucial than ever to develop and nurture inner clarity. To be capable as leaders to create environments of trust, to be able to navigate uncertainty and build resilience in ourselves and others. The Journey empowers us to develop the inner capacities we need to co-create change as the next generation of authentic leaders and innovators. It is a special 6 week version of our personal & leadership development program focusing on purpose.

The journey will start in the week of 11th of February 2019 and will be in English language. The weekly sessions will be online via zoom for joint experiences and relfections. Peer-mentoring sessions will also take place weekly. Your personal process and relfections will be accompanied by the workbook we created for you, guiding you additionally though the journey.

The idea that “change begins with us” will be explored in depth by the participants of the Journey during the following weeks, through collective and individual discussion and reflection upon topics such as “Purpose & excitement”, “Letting go & making decisions”, “Resilience & saying no”, among others. The Journey balances between overarching topics, such as developing powerful questions or purpose, and the practice of building of habits, such as reflecting every day on your intention, or the connection between your actions and your (personal or collective) purpose.

As Franziska Kohn, one of our journey guides expresses it: "What makes our Journeys so special to me is that we all meet eye to eye. Everyone being on their own path, exploring and discovering it, yet still together, sharing and listening to one another. And we create this all together, no difference if journey guide or participant. We open the space for one another to ask questions we barely ever do in our 'day-to-day get through things attitude' like: ‘What excites and inspires me?’ ‘Why do I want to do it?’ ‘How do I want to show up?’. Doing it together allows to dive into it and look beyond it to get to a real yes or no, open and honest decisions and to stand up for those"

In this occasion, the journey is facilitated by our co-founders and journey guides, Emily Johnston and Franziska Kohn.

If you would like to know more, click on for more information.

For embarking on the journey you should be willing to commit to be in the process for about 5h/week. You can directly apply here or contact us via info[@] if you have further questions.

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