A new journey has begun

In October, we started a new round of the Changemaker Journey, our 10 week personal & leadership development program. During this time, we are greeting 9 changemakers from different countries and walks of life.

“How can we not just passively experience change but actively shape it?” This question is at the core of the new round of the Changemaker Journey, shedding a light upon the possible connections between what inspires us or excites us internally and what we see and experience in the outside world.

The idea that “change begins with us” will be explored in depth by the participants of the Journey during the following weeks, through collective and individual discussion and reflection upon topics such as “Purpose & excitement”, “Letting go & making decisions”, “Self-organisation & leadership”, “Resilience & saying no”, among others. The design of the 10 week program follows different steps guiding participants towards inner discovery, connection & teaming up for positive change.

10 weeks, 10 steps towards inner discovery and excitement.

The Journey balances between overarching topics, such  as developing powerful questions or purpose, and the practice of building of habits, such as reflecting every day on your intention, or the connection between your actions and your (personal or collective) purpose. As one of the participants expresses it: “The first invitation made by the journey guides was, actually, to stop. To give ourselves a few minutes every day to reflect on it and see what we have done with it, and how we will face the next one. No expectations involved, yet the simple act of being aware of your own time and going through it consciously caused an immediate inner change”.

Ghana, Chile, Germany and Peru are some of the countries of origin of the changemakers that Unity Effect is welcoming this Autumn to our community. Each of them signed up for the Changemaker Journey following the interest in exploring their sources of inspiration when it comes to making a meaningful impact.

The Changemaker Journey offers a unique combination of cutting edge frameworks and practices, such as systems thinking, Theory U, complexity science, character development or storytelling, incorporating also the principles of the Teal movement and collective leadership for self-organization. The program also offers the possibility to experience interactive, reflective & experiential learning, mixing online & offline peer mentoring session.  In this occasion, the journey is facilitated by our co-founders and journey guides, Jannik Kaiser and Franziska Kohn.

For Jannik Kaiser, the power of the Changemaker Journey lies in creating an appreciative and non-judgemental space: “The power that lies in such a space is enormous. Without realizing it, we oftentimes navigate through expectations and judgments of others and ourselves. Yet in a space where we can fully be ourselves, have trust in the group and dare to share our dreams, incredible things can happen”.

A new round of the Changemaker Journey will start in 2019. If you would like to know more or to apply to the program, click on for more information.

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